AGS Geometry Student Workbook

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AGS Geometry

AGS Geometry Student Workbook

Provide your child with all of the concepts and skills they need to succeed in a second-year algebra course with AGS Publishing: Geometry from Pearson Learning. AGS Geometry is written for learners of all abilities and can be used as early as 7th grade.
Go beyond the basics of Geometry and investigate the world of planes and solids. Chapter openers and colorful photos invite exploration of geometric solids, triangles, the Pythagorean Theorem, quadratic equations, length, area, and volume. Throughout, Geometry presents short, lively lessons, and illustrated examples. Features include Estimation Activities, Algebra Review, and Geometry in Your Life. Calculator Practice exercises make use of the special features of graphing calculators. Best of all, your child will learn to apply geometry to situations in their own life.
Now you can provide the tools and the confidence to help your child reach new levels in mathematics and success in geometry! This high-interest text makes it easy to engage learners.  

The Student Workbook provides the reinforcement and practice necessary for students to master Geometry. Workbook pages are clearly linked to the chapter and lesson in the student text for easy usage. Examples and a variety of problems are included with short directions. 126 non-reproducible pages, softcover.


Product Information

Format: Other
Vendor: Pearson Learning - AGS Publishing
Publication Date: 2004
ISBN: 0785438319
ISBN-13: 9780785438311
Series: AGS