AGS Consumer Math Teacher's Resource Library on CD-Rom

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AGS Consumer Math Teacher's Resource Library on CD-Rom

AGS Consumer Math Teacher's Resource Library on CD-Rom

Provide your child with all of the concepts and skills they need to succeed in consumer math skills with AGS Publishing: Consumer Math from Pearson Learning. AGS Consumer Math is written for learners of all abilities and can be used as early as 8th grade.
Consumer Mathematics presents basic math skills used in everyday situations—paying taxes, buying food, banking and investing, and managing a household. The full-color text helps learners of all ages become wiser, and more informed.
  • Concepts presented in clear, simple language
  • Problem solving and word problems encourage students to relate skills to real-life situations
  • Relevant practice activities such as comparison shopping and figuring interest rates
  • Supplemental problems for additional practice and review
  • Calculator activities reinforce computation skills 
Now you can provide the tools and the confidence to help your child reach new levels in mathematics! 
The AGS Consumer Math Teacher's Resource Library on CD-ROM includes the following items: 

  • The Student Workbook offering dozens of reinforcement activities (also available in print and sold separately) 
  • Self-Study Guide for students wanting to work at their own pace 
  • Two forms of chapter tests 
  • Midterm and final tests
  • Select and print out materials as needed.
  • Reproducible, Windows and Macintosh

Product Information

Format: Other
Vendor: Pearson Learning - AGS Publishing
Publication Date: 2004
Series: AGS